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Agencies are Looking for Influencers to Join, Apply & Work with Top Influencer Agencies. Through Partnerships with Leading Job Boards, We Have Over 8 Million Job Postings Browse new releases, best sellers or classics & Find your next favourite boo 15 Killer Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Will Inspire You in 2020 Hilton. In one of the most legendary influencer campaigns of the hospitality industry, Hilton leveraged travel... Ancestry DNA. Also targeting travel Micro-influencers, Ancestry DNA inspired thousands to consider investing in. The campaign was a huge success, having been viewed over 6 million times and liked forty-seven thousand times. 7. Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren's #WinningRL campaign was the first major successful influencer campaign to use TikTok's Hashtag Challenge Plus. The campaign featured actress, model, and influencer, Diana Silvers. Users were to share a time they won a real-life challenge in a unique way that could only happen on TikTok

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  1. Its latest influencer campaign uses the hashtag #LiveUnlimited, and features people who have massive social media presences. The best part is these people naturally embody the appearance and lifestyle of #LiveUnlimited. Elite Daily founder Gerard Adams and internet personality Lele Pons are just two of them
  2. The difficulty comes in finding the right influencer and creating campaigns that feel authentic and genuine, and have the ability to go viral. In this post we're going to look at seven of the best influencer marketing campaigns we've ever seen, why they work, and how you can replicate that success for your brand. 1. Gap's Styld.b
  3. ded influencers, chefs, media personalities and more, to showcase their top of the line barbecues! These influencers showed that you can get to grilling and share your #NapoleonMoments no matter where you are in the world, much like Timothy Pakron (@mississippivegan) did in his very own backyard! After all, nothing brings people together better than a meal grilled with love
  4. 5 Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Time to take a look at all this in action. Here are five examples of the best influencer marketing campaigns ASOS Insiders - chosen influencers; This influencer campaign from online clothing retailer ASOS cleverly sidesteps the problem many consumers have with sponsors posts and their ilk. With the likes of the Kardashians making millions from ads framed as organic social posts, many people feel duped by content which is actually purely.

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These campaigns usually start with the brand sending the influencer a campaign brief that outlines certain guidelines, instructions, and requirements. But it's important to remember that you must give your influencers some creative freedom. It's their audience, after all - they know the best ways to engage them. And their followers will. They got this best Influencer Marketing campaign campaign idea. They partnered with hebbars kitchen and produced a video featuring the product. Tada! One more successful best Influencer Marketing campaign. Sarah Angius; Sarah Angius is an influencer in the field of hair care, hairstyles and makeup. Her marvelous hairstyle videos will make your jaw drop. And as you guessed, it's a perfect.

9 of the Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns that broke the clutter. Campaign Spot; Jul 30, 2019. Influencer Marketing is estimated to be worth a $20 billion industry by 2020 and Influencer marketing campaigns are not just restricted to a single industry or brands anymore. 22% of 18-34-year-olds have made a purchase decision shaped by an influencer's endorsement. From big brand launches to. Influencer Marketing Case Studies From Top Brands & Campaigns 1. TikTok Marketing Campaigns: How 10 Brands are Using TikTok Influencers Combined with a rapidly growing user base of young millennials and Gen Zers, TikTok has found itself in the enviable position of being the hottest influencer marketing tool of the year

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7 top influencer campaigns Lyft - 5.9 million engagements per year. One way to guarantee a successful influencer campaign, is to incorporate... Walmart - 86,000 engagements in just 1 month. Following on from their successful launch in 2017, Walmart's #FightHunger... Canon - 2.9 million engagements. The 7 best influencer marketing campaigns Mattel. Child influencers are on the rise, with eight-year-old Ryan Kaji named YouTube's highest-paid star in 2019. Vaseline. You can see Vaseline is starting to develop its influencer marketing strategy, but they're certainly not just... Dreamworks - How to. Before we list the best influencer campaigns of 2020, we have to say that 2020 was a wonderful year for influencer marketing. There were several different influencer marketing strategies and trends in 2020. Since influencer marketing is a highly effective and popular form of marketing, both brands and influencers seem to enjoy participating in collaborations for the best results. As we enter.

Leading brands such as H&M, Daniel Wellington, and REVOLVE frequently leverage successful influencer marketing campaigns to grow their businesses. And you should too The idea was so creative and appealing that it even won an award being called one of the best cases in influencer advertising campaigns. If you haven't seen this example of how you can promote your brand with influencer technique, you should definitely watch it. Still, remember that once an idea is used, it won't work for the second time. That is why, make sure you create something unique.

Best Food and Drink Campaign. Gold Winner: Collectively for The Absolut Company. To drive buzz and awareness around the new Planet Earth's Favorite Vodka, The Absolut Company tapped influencer agency Collectively to create a series of people-and planet-centered influencer activations Why Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns? Instagram influencer marketing campaigns are exploding by the day and for a good reason. Influencer marketing ROI is stronger than ever. So it comes as no surprise that marketers believe that this industry is bound to double its worth to $15 billion by 2022.. Already, this marketing tactic is yielding a $6.50 return on investment for every dollar. Recognized as an elite Influencer Agency, HireInfluence develops intent-driven influencer marketing campaigns that merge the needs of brands, audiences, and influencers. We hand select influencers for each and every campaign to ensure an organic fit and authentic feeling content. Delivering innovative strategies and industry-leading results since 2011. (Clients include: Microsoft, Gatorade, eBay, Warner Bros, McDonald's, Oreo, Tide, Howard Johnson, Adidas, Southwest Airlines.

Lil Miquela is the best example of a CGI influencer with names like Prada, UGG, and Diesel in her portfolio. The reason for that is because this new, futuristic type of influencers is desirable to a young, tech-focused audience familiar with technologies like virtual and augmented reality 7 best types of influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer Marketing Research. September 29, 2019 May 13, 2020 Bego Cambero. 7 best types of influencer marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that social networks have become one of the platforms for brands. However, the protagonists are more than social networks themselves; they are the influencers who work on them. However, there are different. One of August United's unique offerings is organizing influencer brand retreats where clients can meet influencers to set up strategies for their future influencer marketing campaigns. They include PetSmart, Persil ProClean, Ralphs, and Valley of the Sun United amongst their clients The video even won a Shorty Award for Best Influencer Marketing Campaign. The video itself is a clever spin on a strange internet phenomenon involving burning yule log videos. I was just as amazed to learn how many people enjoy watching such videos. Regardless, credit to the brand for coming with a unique way to reposition their brand to appeal to a younger audience. 6. Fiji Water. Fiji Water. Famebit is probably the top influencer site for brands and influencers to use. This site is the pioneer of influencer marketing. Google/YouTube bought Famebit back in 2016! Pros: The biggest site, it has the most campaigns for influencers to apply to and the biggest pool of influencers for brands to look through. You can search for very specific demographics for influencers that match your.

Influencer #1: @jasoncoffee. Image via TikTok. Jason Coffee teams up with his teenage offspring to produce cerebral, silly, and fun videos. When they're not traveling or mythbusting, they're asking questions of the universe with various games of chance One of the easiest ways to measure the ROI of a radio influencer campaign is to have them mention unique discount codes that listeners can use for online purchases. The discount entices the listener, and you can track their purchases directly to your host. An example is author Tim Ferriss who speaks about his Audible partnership in 30 and 60 second spots. He then invites listeners to visit his custom URL to get a free ebook What Are Some of the Best B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples? B2B Influencer Marketing Example #1: Microsoft; B2B Influencer Marketing Example #2: IBM; B2B Influencer Marketing Example #3: Okta; B2B Influencer Marketing Example #4: Landis+Gyr; B2B Influencer Marketing Example #5: Cisco; B2B Influencer Marketing Example #6: SA Running an influencer marketing agency that focuses a lot on TikTok, we wanted to present the best TikTok Case Studies and organic influencer marketing campaigns, to show the huge potential this social media has in terms of marketing purposes. 1. Song Promotion (for one of the biggest music labels The Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns Of 2018. In 2018, the influencer marketing industry has continued to show signs of impressive growth. Global spending on influencer marketing campaigns by companies has increased substantially from $500 million in 2015 to a projected figure of at least $5 billion by 2020

Influencer marketing campaigns are fast becoming an accepted business practice. It's typically a simple, straightforward transaction that, if done right, should get you fast results. If you're interested in trying out this fresh and highly effective marketing strategy for yourself, take inspiration from ten real-world examples we've gathered.. Types of Influencer Campaigns 1. Discount codes and affiliate marketing. Tracking ROI and compensating influencers for affiliate marketing is easily accomplished with custom URLs and unique discount codes. One popular example is Audible's partnership with New York Times bestselling author and investor Tim Ferriss. During his podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show, he gives a short 30-second to one.

Reach your Target Audience via Micro Influencers, increase credibility and engagement. Micro influencers create engagement and credibility with their followers Why Instagram Influencer Marketing? Top 5 Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns in 2020 - UberEats, Chipotle and Hinge X Rebel Wilson - McDonald's X Travis Scott - HelloFresh X Micro-influencers and Mindy Kaling - Biossance X JVN - ASOS X Micro-influencers (#asseenonme) What to Look for In An Influencer Top 10 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns. By Ryan Eaton. Mercedes Benz. View this post on Instagram. They said to hop in. I could have sworn they said to hop on. We couldn't be more thankful for @mbusa and the incredible relationships made through the video project! We're also thankful for you all and your love and support! 📸: @trentbonaphoto @mspfilms #MBphotopass . A post shared by Loki. Michele Nicole - 6.9K followers. Sarah Vadnais - 4K followers. Frances Flores - 19.9K followers. Madison Fichtl - 25.4K followers. For this influencer marketing campaign, Fabletics used a group of 12 female fitness, fashion, and lifestyle influencers that represented a range of diverse ethnicities, styles, and body types In our opinion, Mercedes-Benz's influencer campaign is the perfect example of the expression less is more. 2. Lyft and Celebrity Influencers. Unlike Mercedes-Benz who used a single influencer to nail one campaign, Lyft has shown the world how to best use several influencers to set new records and go viral. In fact, Lyft has excelled at influencer marketing for several years and is considered to be one of the masters of the craft

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Influencer marketing has made brand awareness more convenient and easier. And hence brands should select the best marketing campaign from these top influencer marketing campaigns and drive more sales Choosing The Right Platform For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign. Instagram vs Youtube. Two GIANTS in the influencer marketing industry. But which of these platforms will best fit your influencer marketing campaign. Let's look at the numbers. The influencer marketing industry on Instagram is worth more than $1 billion dollars. Not a surprise considering that the platform has over 800 million active monthly users. On the other hand, YouTube numbers are also rising every year. From 1.47. This type of influencer marketing campaign is based on conducting an interview on a topic that encourages talking about the brand directly or indirectly. This is the case of TOUS which conducted an interview with actress Emma Roberts about what sensitivity means to her. Durex, a brand of condoms, also had a similar campaign. They used the YouTube channel influencer Luc Loren, where the interview was conducted about gende

Five other influencer marketing campaigns that rocked 2012/2013 included: British Airways; influencer Innovation Lab in the Sky by Text100, during which 100 of Silicon Valley's more influential science and tech minds brainstormed solutions to the talent problem and presented them to the UN ITU at the DNA Summit; Sprout it Backyard Takeover by Geben Communication which encouraged homeowners to snap a photo of their back yards, share them with their networks, and potentially win a back. 7. How 50,000 Likes Resulted From The Body Shop's Massive Giveaways. Goal: Even smaller brands operating eCommerce stores can get excellent results by using influencer marketing campaigns correctly. The Body Shop, a vegetarian based beauty company, decided to promote their new product line through a simple giveaway These brands found ways to subvert the typical influencer experience and create something with a lot of entertainment value for their audiences. These are the best examples of influencer marketing because they are real, authentic, and connected! Chubbies Shorts, Retro and Groovy, and Organifi use Carro to facilitate their influencer marketing Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns 1. Bigelow Tea. Bigelow Tea is one of the most well-known and recognized brands in the tea industry. Like many other big... 2. Turkish Airlines 4. Marriott. Marriott was one of the first tourism brands to embrace influencer marketing. In one particularly successful campaign, the hotel chain worked with YouTube influencer Jeana Smith (@PrankVsPrank) to celebrate reaching one million check-ins on the Marriott app

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Micro-managing influencer's content is how influencer campaigns turn into advertising campaigns. Influencers know their audience best. Let your influencers play around with styles, messaging, and so on. The best way to ensure they stay aligned with your goals is to give them the freedom to be creative. 5. But, Give Them the Specific Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns 2019. IZEA November 14, 2019. 2019 has brought scores of attention-getting influencer-marketing campaigns to the channels of social media and to the consumers who follow those influencers. However, only a small number of these campaigns really stand out from the crowd. They're campaigns that, due to their creativity and understanding of influencers. However, as we go full force in 2021, it's time to look back at the top 5 influencer marketing campaigns of 2020. 67 Shades of Dior . Dior launched their Forever Foundation complete with 67 colour shades to champion diversity. Activating 67 micro-influencers across 15 key e-commerce territories to match each influencer to one of the 67 foundation shades, making it one of the most inclusive. Here are 5 of the best influencer campaigns that have occurred in the last year or so. Let's look at why they worked. 1. Sprin

To determine which tier of influencer is best for your campaign, you'll need to consider your objectives. Each tier of influencer will bring different benefits, so it is important to be clear about what you are trying to achieve. Let's look at the key objectives obtained by the different influencer tiers. When to Work with Mega Influencers . Key Campaign Objectives: Awareness, Visibility. Fashion influencers are now everywhere, so let's check out 10 of the best influencer fashion marketing campaigns so far Let's explore some of the best influencer campaigns that inspire and help businesses to grow. 1. Chase Sponsored the US Open with Andy Roddick on Periscope . Having sponsored the US Open Tennis Championships for 35 years, Chase decided to try something new back in 2016. They knew most of their fans were people who watched the matches from their televisions or smart devices. Thinking of a way. One of the top influencer marketing campaigns in the country came from Lenovo for their Yoga 2 tablet range. Lenovo hired four famous twitter celebrities namely film critic Mihir Fadnavis, gadget guru Ankit Vengurlekar, actor Ashwin Mushran and food blogger Kalyan Karmakar. Rather than using these four influencers to simply do the customary sharing of features of the tablet, they were actually shown being trapped inside a box Not surprisingly, the video won the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign at the Shorty Awards. 6. Nike and What's Inside? Nike is another company that is well known for its off-the-charts marketing campaigns. To market its 2017 Air Vapormax shoes, Nike partnered with What's Inside? What's Inside is a YouTube channel that was created by Dan Markham and his son Lincoln. The channel.

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Top 100 Travel Influencers List . 1. MURAD OSMANN @muradosmann Murad is one of the top travel influencers by Forbes.His #followmeto campaign with his wife Natalia became iconic as they traveled the world together while taking photos in their now signature pose - Natalia holding Osmann's hand while her back is turned towards the scenery Influencers: Top travel influencers like Shubham Mansingka Tata Steel tested the waters of influencer marketing with their ground-breaking campaign titled 'Doors of India'. The main objective of this campaign was to spread the word about Pravesh Steel Doors - Tata Steel's latest product Influencer Platforms act as support to make a good relationship between both agencies and brands when working with influencers. These platforms are designed to help brands with their Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Thus, in this post, we are giving you a list of top influencer platforms that can help you in boosting your social media campaigns.

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Tym & Co. contacted Sydney-based digital agency Insil for an influencer campaign. They wanted to increase their brand awareness and engagement with consumers. With the impressive results, they got over 976,000 targeted content views with 16x ROI (return on investment). That was the list of top influencer marketing agencies all around the world with great case studies. If you want to use. Best 2018 Influencer Marketing Campaigns. 2018 was a banner year for influencer marketing campaigns that hit it out of the park and offered top-shelf teachable moments for marketers along the way. Here are some of the best influencer marketing campaigns from 2018, with tips on what you can learn from these campaigns: Lagavulin Whiskey. Conventional marketing wisdom says that shorter videos. Influencer.uk also has robust analytics allowing brands to track the results of their influencer campaigns by engagement, audience and location. Listen to my interview with Influencer CEO, Ben Jeffries here. 15. Influential . Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Influential calls itself an AI marketplace. The company utilises the computing power of IBM's artifical intelligence, Watson. As with any marketing efforts, you need to make sure that your influencer campaign is performing to the best of its ability to deliver ROI. Look back at the KPIs you defined when putting together. Check out the 11 best influencer marketing platforms in India: Plixxo, Blogmint, Influencer.in and more to leverage this marketing channel. Subscribe Now Email address

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Instagram best for influencer campaigns according to 50% of CMOs: ClanConnect.ai. The AI-driven influencer marketing platform recently gleaned insights into the state of influencer marketing in Indi Influence marketing Campaign Strategy. Defining goal for influence marketing Finding the right social media influencer: Finding relevant influencers on Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Instagram, budgeting, Communication planning, Tracking Reporting. Social Influence channels: Facebook Youtube Twitter Instagram Pinterest Vine Blogs Influencers are the people others come to for advice. They have a. Best influencer marketing tools. Setting up a campaign manually takes a lot of work, but the right tools may help. First, explore built-in analytics on social networks. Second, try out dedicated influencer marketing platforms that will help ensure you don't miss anything. With TweetReach, you can monitor social media by hashtags, names, keywords, etc., run competitive analysis, track post. There are many influencer campaign tracking tools available in the market. Choose one that suits you and begin tracking. Measure the performance and compare it with your expectations. Document everything, for example, engagement rates for each post, etc. Implement tracking techniques like unique URLs for each influencer, to individually track the traffic coming through each of them. If there.

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4 Recent Examples Of The Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns. We know the word 'best' is subjective. A particular influencer marketing campaign may have been just meh for some, while the rest of the world went gaga over it. With this in mind, we steered clear of 'artistry' and picked those campaigns that had a fantastic reach and left a great impression. Taco Bell: #MakePotatoGreat Campaign Who Top 7 Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns For Your Business Reviews. One of the most prevalent online advertising illustrations of reviews involves a company offering the... Competitions and Giveaways. Everybody enjoys giveaways. Such marketing influencer strategies can be a win-win-win for.... Here we will dive into 8 different types of influencer marketing campaigns that you can use to bring brand awareness. 1. Host Giveaways. Out of all the influencer marketing campaigns that we see on social media, giveaway campaigns are very popular due to the simplicity and the mutual benefit that it brings along with it 10 of the Best B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples 1. SAP. Wellness programs are pretty common however SAP wanted to highlight employee wellness through a holistic... 2. Oracle Dyn. Oracle Dyn wanted to build awareness & authority around their bot management & mitigation focused... 3..

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WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Search Results for: Search... SEARC As a result, they can reach out to thousands of influencers by creating a gifting campaign. Consequently, this app simplifies the process of brands and influencers discovering each other. Furthermore, this influencer marketing platform uses AI to identify the best influencers for your brand. Mahkia Kinis and Chic Cartel are among their clientele Top 10 Places for Influencers to Find Campaign Opportunities. These ten influencer marketing platforms are some that I've personally used and/or are recommended by other bloggers! I am in quite a few Facebook groups with other influencers are these are some that are most mentioned and most recommend as well. I'll link the sign-up page on. This award honors the best integration of an influencer, celebrity or ambassador as part of a social media marketing campaign. Integrations may include social profile takeovers, live hangouts, Twitter chats and viral video marketing campaigns among others. See previous winners and honorees here Despite being one of the newer influencer apps on our list, CollabFluence is truly one of the best in the industry, it's also one of the highest paying influencer apps on the market. Unlike many other platforms, CollabFluence focuses on delivering great customer experience and results for brands and influencers, equally

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Digital Marketing Manager, Eastpak. I wanted to work with influencers to help increase awareness of our brand. Collabary offered an easy, stress-free solution to achieve this - not just aligning us with some fantastic influencers and creating quality content, but also building and nurturing those relationships. Nano-Influencers: 1K - 10K. Nano-influencers are like micro-influencers, but with even fewer followers. Their audience is even more hyper-focused on one niche. Best for: Low-budget campaigns targeted at an extremely niche topic. These campaigns will likely need to engage with tens or hundreds of nano-influencers to achieve considerable reach Instagram Marketing Campaign #4: Airbnb's Diversity Campaign Sometimes the best Instagram marketing campaigns are the simplest. Such is the case with Airbnb's #WeAccept hashtag campaign, which allowed the tech giant to share their stance on an important issue Find the best Influencer Campaigns Instagram influencers in 2020. Try the HypeAuditor influencer search tool to find influencers by genuine followers and engagements ZINE's Top 10 Jewellery Influencers. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that whilst there's a perfect piece of jewellery out there for everyone, finding influencers who are the right fit for your jewellery brand is a completely different story. When done correctly, influencer marketing can work phenomenally well for jewellery brands, as Les Georgettes by Altesse can testify.

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